This will guide you step by step to Add, modify and delete a patient

Patient Data

Adding the Patient Module is the starting point you need to take advantage of the app. You should add at least one patient. Thereafter, all medical activities of this patient will be available.

Adding Patient

Please visit the main screen, press on Add person icon

Enter the Patient's Medical Data

A new screen will appear to enter patient information. To add the patient photo, tab the photo icon at the top left of the screen. Note that all the fields are optional except the patient's name. After adding the data, Click on Save button to add the patient.

Handling Patient's Data

After creating Patient profile. you can modify her/his information at any time. At the main screen, press on the search icon ic_action_search. enter the patient “ID” or name. the patient list will be filtered, press on the appropriate result.

Display Patient Data

When you press on the selected patient, the app will display his/her information screen. You can notice the icons at the bottom of the screen.

Modify Patient's Data

when pressing on the Edit icon, the patient data will be opened to modify his/her photo and other informations. Now you can edit all the data you need. After that tab the Save button.

Delete the Patient

After tabbing the Delete icon a popup message will appear to get sure that you want to delete the patient. If you still want to delete the patient then press on the YES button
Note that you will not be able to retrieve a deleted patient.