This will guide you step by step to Add, modify and delete an appointment

Medical Visit

Medical visit allows you to store your visit to your doctor. You can set the type of the visit either new or for follow up.

Step 1:

At the main screen, press on the search icon. enter the patient “ID” or name. the patient list will be filtered, press on the appropriate result.

Step 2:

When you press on the selected patient, the app will display his/her information screen. You can notice the icons at the bottom of the screen. Please tab the Med-Data icon.

Step 3:

When pressing on the visit icon, a screen will be displayed, offering adding new medical visit.

Step 4:

If you want to see a list of past medical visit tab on “Previous visits”

Step 5:

You can Edit the visit information by pressing on the Edit icon

Step 6:

You can Delete the visit information by pressing on the Delete icon. notice that all the medical records in this visit will be deleted as well.